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Adobelite Fireplaces

The best fireplace for your home combines a stylish design with superior heat capacity. Among all the fireplace brands and manufacturers on the market, Adobelite is perhaps one of the most popular. This fireplace manufacturer has over 15 years of experience in the industry, designing and producing high-quality and durable models.

It all started with Stuart Buffington, Adobelite’s founder, who created the first Adobelite KIVA Fireplace Kit in his garage. Since its conception, Adobelite has become one of the most trusted names for traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

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Adobelite Wood Burning Fireplaces

Besides superior quality, Adobelite fireplaces truly shine by creating an atmosphere of romance and elegance. They combine traditional wood-burning design with the best energy efficiency. Although they might not be the most affordable fireplaces, they are some of the best. 

What makes Adobelite fireplaces so impressive is how easy they are to put together. Unlike other KIVA-style fireplaces, the Adobelite Orno comes in a kit with three primary components ready to be installed. You only need to follow the manual carefully.


Adobelite Gas Fireplaces

Adobelite KIVA fireplaces offer a superior wood-burning experience for every homeowner. This state-of-the-art fireplace provides excellent heat capacity and a sleek design, perfect for houses with a rustic style. It has solid heat capacity and can easily warm up small to midsize rooms. 

Among the KIVA fireplaces by Adobelite, the KIVA Orno is a superior choice. This beautifully designed fireplace is perfect for any home with a unique rustic style. It includes everything you might need to install the fireplace yourself, including a combustion air kit and all the assembly hardware. Additionally, it has the right heat capacity to warm up small and midsize rooms in no time.


Why Choose an Adobelite Fireplace?

These are the three components of an Adobelite wood-burning fireplace:

The KIVA Firebox: Adobelite’s fireplace fireboxes are constructed using lightweight precast concrete and laid firebrick. The opening size of the firebox can be customized to your liking, but they usually come in 18", 24", and 30".  

The Fireplace Frame: The frame of an Adobelite fireplace is made of tubular steel and diamond mesh. This provides great durability but can also act as a safety feature against fires. 

The Chimney Pipe: The chimney pipe is made of lightweight metal and provides excellent ventilation for the fireplace. It is beautifully designed and easy to install. 

All Adobelite fireplaces come with a clear instruction manual that guides you through installation. Furthermore, the company provides some resources to make the installation even easier.

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Are you looking for a powerful and efficient wood-burning fireplace? Then the Adobelite KIVA fireplace Orno might be the way to go. At CAPO Building Specialties, we distribute only the highest quality of fireplaces in the market from only the best and most trusted brands. Check out our full Adobelite KIVA collection and choose the perfect one for your home!