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Fire Pit Tables

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Fire Pit Tables Collection

An outdoor fire pit table or fire pit tabletop is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a fire pit that can be used as a table. It can be the ideal solution if you are trying to add a gathering area to your outdoor spaces. A fire pit table’s beautifully designed features will help you create a welcoming and comfortable environment you will want to use every night.

Are Fire Pit Tables a Good Idea?

You should consider adding a fire table to your home because it is much more versatile than traditional fire pits or bowls. You get heat capacity, light capability, and other functions, in addition to a high-end design table. Additionally, you can use your fire accessory for a summer BBQ, fall gathering, or any other time of the year.

Here are some other advantages of outdoor fire tables:

  • Outdoor fire pit tables or fire tables are more convenient than basic fire pit models. They are easy to set up and hook up the fuel supply, which is usually natural gas.
  • Most outdoor fire pit table brands include additional features such as smartphone compatibility. This feature allows you to control the fire even from far away. You just need to link your smartphone with the fire pit table and use the brand’s app.
  • Fire tables are quite safe to use. You can even install them on wooden decks if you follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Find the Right Outdoor Fire Pit Table with CAPO Building Specialties

Are you looking for the perfect gas fire pit table for your outdoor area? At CAPO Building Specialties, we have outdoor fire tables with high-end designs built with luxury in mind. They will enhance the look and feel of your outdoor areas while providing heat and light. Check out our complete outdoor fire table collection and pick the right one for your home!