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American Outdoor Grill

For homeowners looking to create the perfect outdoor kitchen, few manufacturers will match the quality and elegance of American Outdoor Grills. AOG has constantly delivered some of the most powerful and luxurious grilling systems on the market, combining the best materials and innovative designs for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

Why Choose American Outdoor Grill?

American Outdoor Grill is a brand with one purpose: turning your grilling experience into something more. Offering excellent customer service, reliable warranties, and versatile grills is just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of choosing this manufacturer.

Here are the most essential features and benefits of American Outdoor Grill products:

Built with Quality in Mind

American Outdoor Grill products are designed to last longer than the average outdoor cooking grill. That’s the reason this manufacturer uses only the highest quality materials like cast aluminum and commercial-grade stainless steel.

Purchasing an AOG product means getting a gas grill capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and constant use. It’s the ideal tool for a BBQ enthusiast or an experienced grilling hobbyist.

Superior Performance for the Grilling Hobbyist

With multiple burners, excellent heat capacity, and the most unique designs on the market, American Outdoor Grill products offer superior performance at accessible prices. Unlike other brands, this manufacturer makes experienced outdoor cooking available for homeowners and commercial establishments alike.

Versatile Models for Every Need

American Outdoor Grill has over twelve models in the market, each one catering to different needs and requirements. We have the Built-In collection, which is excellent for existing outdoor cooking spaces.

There’s also the In-Ground Post collection, ideal for smaller outdoor spaces. Finally, you can choose the Portable collection, which is perfect for homeowners who require movement and reliability.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

One of the main benefits of choosing AOG grills is that their products are designed for experienced grilling masters and beginner-level enthusiasts. They are easy to use, reliable, and powerful without compromising durability or affordability. No matter your needs, these grills will make your experience more enjoyable.

What Are the Best Grills from American Outdoor Grill?

These are the most popular outdoor grill collections by American Outdoor Grills:

The AOG Built-In Grill

The Built-In Collection by American Outdoor Grills consists of two models, the “L” series and the “T” series. Both models offer excellent capacity, capable of reaching up to 50,000 BTUs and ideal for serious cooks and amateur enthusiasts alike.

When it comes to features, the “L” series is the perfect model for experienced grillmasters. With its electronic push-button ignition and interior halogen lights, this outdoor grill is sure to make your BBQs a lot more exciting!

The “T” series is a more self-sufficient option, using a push-to-light ignition system that eliminates the need for batteries and electricity. Furthermore, it includes multiple burners and side burners for the ideal performance.

The Portable Grill by AOG

American Outdoor Grills’ Portable collection is a perfect mix of versatility and performance. This elegant model is ideal for patios and decks, by the pool cooking spaces, under the shade, and anywhere outside your home.

These models come in multiple sizes, ranging from 432 square inches to 648 square inches of cooking space. With over 50,000 BTUs and stainless steel burning grids, these models can help you turn your BBQs into the culinary experience you deserve.

Thanks to their wheeled and lightweight design, portable grills by AOG can be moved whenever you need them. They can come with or without side burners, depending on your needs. However, we always recommend adding accessories.

The In-Ground Post Mount Grill

For homeowners with little space to work with but with the need to constantly grill, the In-Ground Post Mount collection is the perfect fit. These incredible outdoor grills have a cooking area of 432 square inches, which is excellent for condos and apartments.

With so little space to play with, it’s understandable that performance could be a concern. However, American Outdoor Grill has designed these models with power in mind, reaching up to 32,000 BTUs.

Additionally, these grills include a stainless steel tank shield to protect propane tanks, while a safety keychain keeps the tank in place. That way, the risk of malfunctions and accidents is reduced drastically.

Find the Perfect American Outdoor Grills Parts and Products with CAPO Fireside!

Are you looking for a modern outdoor grill for your home? Consider American Outdoor Grills if you’re looking for performance and durability. This popular manufacturer offers some of the highest-quality outdoor grills for every grilling enthusiast. Check out our full collection of American Outdoor Grill parts and outdoor grills and find the right one for your needs!