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Pellet Stoves: the Right Choice for Your Home

Homeowners looking for a modern take on traditional heating will find pellet stoves are the perfect choice. These innovative appliances are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly without sacrificing affordability. Since they use affordable compressed pellets as a heat source, they are also a cost-effective solution for your home.

Benefits of Pellet Stoves for Small Spaces

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing pellet fuel for your stove:

  • Energy efficiency: These stoves burn pellets cleanly and produce minimal ash. This high-combustion approach offers superior efficiency while reducing heat loss. Depending on the model, a pellet stove could heat small to medium-sized rooms faster than most electric or gas appliances.
  • Affordable: Although wood pellets are slightly more expensive than firewood, they are still more affordable than gas or electricity. Because these appliances are easy to install, the price of adding one to your home is also more affordable compared to other fuel stoves.
  • Eco-friendly: Unlike wood burning stoves, pellet models produce fewer fumes. By reducing pollutants, these stoves reduce the carbon footprint of your home. That’s why they are the perfect choice for homeowners who care about the environment.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Pellet stoves are designed with a modern and sleek look, making them ideal for contemporary homes. Plus, their versatility and elegance also allow you to combine them with various home decor.

Best Pellet Stove Brands and Manufacturers

With so many pellet stoves out there, finding the right model for your needs can be challenging. As a general rule, we always recommend choosing a model by a trusted and popular brand with years of experience in the industry.

Here are the most popular pellet fireplace insert and stove brands:

HARMAN Pellet Stove Inserts

HARMAN is a premium manufacturer of pellet stoves inserts. With years of experience in the industry and a commitment to innovation, this stove brand is a very popular choice among homeowners.

This manufacturer offers incredible performance and heat output while remaining eco-friendly and cost-effective. The best advantage of this brand is that it offers multiple models for every need.

IHP Ironstrike

IHP Ironstrike is another popular manufacturer of high-quality stoves, fireplaces, and inserts. Although they don’t have the widest selection of pellet models, they do offer options like the WinslowPS40. This EPA-Certified stove has excellent heat capacity and energy efficiency and can be easily installed and used by anyone.


OSBURN is a popular brand of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. This manufacturer’s area of expertise is pellet grills.

However, they have some pellet stove models that are ideal for the most modern and elegant homes, such as the 2500 Pellet Stove. This powerful and efficient pellet stove will enhance any space while creating a cozy environment.


TRUE NORTH is a name synonymous with excellence and quality, which is why they offer one of the most popular pellet stoves on the market: The TN40 Pellet Insert. This small pellet stove insert is ideal for homeowners who want to convert their existing fireplaces without buying an entirely new appliance.

FAQ: Pellet Stoves

How Do Pellet Stoves Work?

Pellet stoves are very similar to wood stoves. However, unlike wood stoves, they burn pellets as a source of fuel. Pellets are burned inside the combustion chamber, creating heat that spreads through the stove. The heat is then distributed across the room using natural convection methods or powerful fans, depending on the model.

Are Pellet Stoves Difficult to Maintain?

Pellet stoves are relatively easy to maintain compared to wood stoves. However, they require more regular cleaning than gas or electric models.

This is because pellet stoves still produce soot and ash. When not cleaned after use, pollutants can reduce the efficiency of your appliance while increasing the risk of fires.

How Efficient Are Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves offer excellent energy efficiency, meaning you can use them as the primary heating source for your home. They are also space-efficient, as you can install them in small spaces, like inside cabins.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Pellet Stoves?

Wood pellet stoves are a more sustainable alternative compared to gas and firewood. This eco-friendly option is also cost-effective and easy to use while providing constant heat.

Find the Perfect Pellet Stove for Your Home with CAPO Building Specialties

For the best pellet stoves from the most trusted and popular brands, CAPO Fireside is the right choice. Our team is here to help you choose the right stoves, fireplaces, and accessories for your home.

Explore our full Pellet Stove Collection and find the perfect model for your needs!