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PGS Grills (Performance Grilling Systems) 

PGS Grills are made by one of the country’s most popular gas grill manufacturers, and there are many reasons for this. Whether you are looking for innovative, new features, elegant models, or a strong commitment to the environment, this is a brand you should definitely consider for your home.

Using the most precise engineering learned through years of experience in the market, PGS Grills have become a staple of elegance, reliability, and performance for outdoor cooking grills. Few other manufacturers can come close to achieving what this luxury brand has created.

Why Choose PGS Grill?

For homeowners looking to add a reliable and powerful gas grill to their houses, few options match PGS Grill’s features and benefits. This manufacturer has designed some of the most popular gas grills on the market, besides offering excellent customer service and a solid warranty.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing PGS Grills for your home:

Superior Durability and Resistance

PGS Grill uses only the most durable materials when designing their gas grills, focusing on providing unmatched resistance regardless of price. This manufacturer has crafted some of the most durable gas grills using stainless steel and aluminum parts.

Grills by PGS can withstand harsh weather conditions and constant outdoor cooking, making them the perfect choice for sailing clubs, commercial use, and even fine restaurants.

Elegance Without Compromising Quality

When it comes to choosing the right grill for your needs, the look and feel of it must be the right one. Luckily, PGS Grills offers a sense of elegance and luxury that few brands can match. Adding one of these grills to your home or business will instantly enhance its appeal while providing the necessary quality and power.

Powerful Capacity for Every Need

Versatility is one of the main benefits of choosing a PGS Grill product. Whether you’re a business owner or a grilling hobbyist, this manufacturer has something for you. From extremely powerful models with restaurant capacity to smaller models designed for the most elegant of homes, you’ll find what you need with PGS Grills!

Environmentally Friendly for the Modern Homeowner

Modern homeowners know the importance of taking care of the environment, which is why PGS Grill products are designed to be more efficient and eco-friendly than the average gas grill. They require less fuel without sacrificing performance, making them more affordable to operate while reducing the release of fumes.

What Are the Best PGS Grill Models to Consider?

With a rich history of crafting top-tier grilling solutions, PGS Grills brings you a legacy of quality that can elevate your experience to new heights. Here are the most popular models this incredible manufacturer offers:

The Aluminum T Series

The Aluminum T Series is a premium gas grill by PGS Grills that offers excellent performance and incredible durability. Featuring an impressive 30,000 BTUs and stainless steel cooking grids, plus a one-hour timer, this incredible model will turn your 4th of July BBQ into a heavenly experience.

PGS Grills’ Aluminum T Series includes the Side Shelf NG and a safety mechanism switch, which turns the gas off if left unattended for long periods. That way, you can enjoy your grilling time without worrying about accidents.

The Legacy Permanent Pedestal Mount

The Legacy Permanent Mount is one of PGS Grill’s most powerful and luxurious models to date, sporting some of the best features available. This incredible commercial-grade grill offers a superb performance grilling system, reaching 102,000 BTUs. It is perfect for fine-dining restaurants and country clubs.

The stainless steel burners and ceramic rocks provide even heat distribution. If you are a grilling connoisseur, then you know how important heat distribution is when cooking. This model also has a rotisserie option and a variably spaced cooking frill system for the ultimate experience.

The A-Series by PGS

The A-Series by PGS is a more affordable choice compared to the Legacy or Aluminum T models. This residential grilling system is perfect for hobbyists, as it can reach up to 40,000 BTUs, allowing for excellent versatility and performance.

Combining stainless steel burners, self-contained spark electronic ignition, and cast aluminum casting, this powerful gas grill will give you the best possible grilling experience. Additionally, it has excellent resistance and durability.

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