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Elevate Your Home with AlumaDoor Garage Doors

AlumaDoor Garage Doors

At CAPO Building Specialties, we’re excited to offer AlumaDoor garage doors, a brand renowned for its blend of durability, quality, and style in garage door design. As an authorized dealer, we are committed to providing you with a product that not only meets but surpasses your expectations for what a garage door can be.

Built to Last

AlumaDoor garage doors are constructed with longevity in mind. The tongue-in-groove frame construction paired with extra-wide top and bottom rails ensures a weather-tight fit against the elements. Heavy-duty, exterior-grade vinyl weather seals add an extra layer of protection, guaranteeing that your garage remains dry and comfortable regardless of the weather outside.

Strength Meets Style

Crafted from 6063 T6 extruded aluminum alloy and featuring an integrated strut design, AlumaDoor garage doors offer unparalleled strength without compromising on aesthetic appeal or functionality. This robust construction is ideal for maximizing backroom and headroom clearance, accommodating your oversized sedan or SUV with ease.

Fully Customizable

Understanding that every homeowner’s style and needs are unique, AlumaDoor garage doors are fully customizable. We collaborate closely with you to ensure the final product perfectly matches your vision. Choose from a variety of glass panel options, including white laminated, black laminated, clear laminated, and clear tempered, to create a look that’s truly yours.

Finishing Touches

AlumaDoor’s aluminum alloy framing comes in standard finishes of clear, black, and dark bronze, or you can opt for a custom powder-coated finish to match your home’s exterior perfectly. Additionally, standard anodized frame finishes are available in black, bronze, and clear, complemented by black or white 1/4" laminated safety glass, ensuring both beauty and safety.

Sizes to Fit Every Home

Offering stock door sizes in 8-, 9-, 16-, and 18-foot widths and 7- and 8-foot heights, AlumaDoor caters to a wide range of garage dimensions. For those requiring specific measurements, custom widths and heights are available through special order, ensuring a perfect fit for your space.

At CAPO Building Specialties, choosing an AlumaDoor garage door means opting for a product where innovative design meets practicality and aesthetics. Let us help you transform your garage into a statement of style and functionality with AlumaDoor. Contact us today to start customizing your perfect garage door solution.