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Isokern Fireplaces & Chimneys

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Isokern is one of the most popular fireplace manufacturers in the industry. It stands out from other brands because it makes high-end products using volcanic pumice, one of the most energy-efficient materials on earth. Thanks to this material, all Isokern products have superior heat reflecting properties.

Earthcore Industries is the exclusive manufacturer of all Isokern fireplaces and accessories in America. This brand uses its 30 years of experience in the industry to provide customers with the best possible experience. Thanks to Earthcore’s commitment to excellence, Isokern has become a synonym for reliability, versatility, and quality.

Isokern Fireplaces: Quality for Both Indoors and Outdoors 

Isokern fireplaces and chimney systems are modular masonry systems made of high-quality materials and durable components. These products are proudly made in Chesapeake, Virginia, and provide the best possible heating experience at more affordable prices.

Isokern wood fireplaces are energy-efficient, less bulky, and lighter than traditional modular masonry ones. Their refraction properties also make them ideal for areas with harsh winter conditions. They are also better for people trying to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

These are some of Isokern's standard fireplace models:

  • The Isokern Standard Series: This series was Isokern’s first modular fireplace in the United States. Its unique design, fuel capacity, and solid build make it the perfect option for modern and traditional homes. It can be a wood-burning or gas fireplace, depending on your needs.
  • The Magnum Series: The Magnum series is a larger, more modern fireplace. Because of its size, it is the ideal choice for hotel lobbies, large homes, and restaurants. This fireplace can reach up to 72” wide and 38” tall.
  • The Magnum+ Series: The Magnum+ series takes things one step further by introducing one of the largest and widest fireplaces on the market. This model can reach up to 10 feet wide and 44” tall.

Whether you want an Isokern outdoor fireplace or an in-home model, CAPO Building Specialties is here to help you. We have various Earthcore Isokern fireplaces ready to be installed and used so that you can start enjoying a superior heating experience.

Isokern Pizza Ovens

If you love pizza, there’s nothing better than owning a wood-burning pizza oven. Isokern, leading the industry, has manufactured an easy-to-install pizza oven made of heat-efficient materials and components. It means you won’t need to use a large amount of fuel, helping you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Isokern Chimneys

All Isokern fireplaces are designed to be safe and functional. So, whether you choose a gas or wood-burning model, you’ll be able to pick between a vented or vent-free option. Regardless of the product you select, Isokern ensures that you will enjoy your experience without worrying about fires and other accidents.

Isokern Fireplace Installation

Isokern fireplaces can be installed in less than a day, thanks to their user-friendly designs and ideal sizing.

However, if you need a more detailed guide on doing it, you can check out Isokern’s installation manuals. You can also view Earthcore’s Isokern installation video tutorials.

Find the Ideal Isokern Product for Your Needs at CAPO Building Specialties

At CAPO Building Specialties, we are committed to providing high-quality and durable products to fit your needs. That’s why we are proud to distribute a wide selection of high-quality Isokern and Earthcore fireplaces, ovens, and chimneys. Check out our entire Isokern wood fireplace catalog to find the right option for your home!