Corner (LS/RS) 250

Corner (LS/RS) 250 Wide or narrow, cozy or imposing, Ortal’s left-side or right-side natural gas corner fireplace collection is ideal and flexible architectural solution that bring focus to any space. Enjoy the modern luxury of a direct vent fireplace equipped with Ortal’s revolutionary cooling technology, which keeps the surrounding temperature down while retaining the heat-producing properties of a traditional fireplace. VIEWING AREA 99 3/16" X 15 3/4" WEIGHT GLASS/ WEIGHT SCREEN 521 LBS / 470 LBS GAS TYPE LPG, NG LPG BTU OUTPUT / LPG EFFECIENCY 36,700 / 79.30% NG BTU OUTPUT / NG EFFECIENCY 51,300 / 73.40% VENT 5X8 CO-AXIAL DIRECT VENT PIPE (5-INCH INTERIOR, 8-INCH EXTERIOR) HEAT BARRIER DOUBLE GLASS, MIRCO MESH SCREEN INTERIORS BLACK REFLECTIVE GLASS, STANDARD MATTE CONTROLS REMOTE, WALL SWITCH