Front Facing 250

Front Facing 250 Beautifully integrated into walls and architectural elements, Ortal’s modern front-facing built in wall fireplaces make this classic positioning extraordinary. Perfect for when you want to combine the classic charm of a front-facing fireplace with the revolutionary performance of Ortal’s modern gas fireplaces, which provide heat to the room while remaining safe to the touch and cool enough for surrounding decor. VIEWING AREA 96 1/4" X 15 3/4" WEIGHT GLASS/ WEIGHT SCREEN 455 LBS / 407 LBS GAS TYPE LPG, NG LPG BTU OUTPUT / LPG EFFECIENCY 36,700 / 79.30% NG BTU OUTPUT / NG EFFECIENCY 51,300 / 73.40% VENT 5X8 CO-AXIAL DIRECT VENT PIPE (5-INCH INTERIOR, 8-INCH EXTERIOR) HEAT BARRIER DOUBLE GLASS, MIRCO MESH SCREEN INTERIORS BLACK REFLECTIVE GLASS, STANDARD MATTE CONTROLS REMOTE, WALL SWITCH