Indoor-Outdoor Tunnel 110

Indoor-Outdoor Tunnel 110 Redefine flexibility with Ortal’s Indoor Outdoor line, emanating warmth and beauty from the interior and exterior of any space. Make the most of the benefits of outdoor living. And with Ortal’s Cool Wall Technology, television can be hung directly above the fireplace from indoors and out. Indoor Outdoor fireplaces can be used as a window to the outside, featured as a two in one fireplace, creating a great atmosphere fitting perfectly to the outside wall. The Indoor-Outdoor Kit is available in all Tunnel sizes from 40 and up to 250 (High and Standard) VIEWING AREA 43 5/8" X 13 3/4" WEIGHT GLASS/ WEIGHT SCREEN 295 LBS / GAS TYPE LPG, NG LPG BTU OUTPUT / LPG EFFECIENCY 28,500 / 81.40% NG BTU OUTPUT / NG EFFECIENCY 37,100 / 77.80% VENT 5X8 CO-AXIAL DIRECT VENT PIPE (5-INCH INTERIOR, 8-INCH EXTERIOR) HEAT BARRIER DOUBLE GLASS INTERIORS STANDARD MATTE CONTROLS REMOTE, WALL SWITCH