Tunnel 250H

Tunnel 250H With exposure and visibility from both sides, tunnel fireplaces are encased in walls or columns, dividing living spaces with contemporary style and modern efficiency. Displaying a see-through design, which creates and emits warmth and beauty in two separate areas. VIEWING AREA 96 1/4" X 21 5/8" WEIGHT GLASS/ WEIGHT SCREEN 514 LBS / 418 LBS GAS TYPE LPG, NG LPG BTU OUTPUT / LPG EFFECIENCY 36,700 / 79.30% NG BTU OUTPUT / NG EFFECIENCY 51,300 / 73.40% VENT 5X8 CO-AXIAL DIRECT VENT PIPE (5-INCH INTERIOR, 8-INCH EXTERIOR) HEAT BARRIER DOUBLE GLASS, MIRCO MESH SCREEN INTERIORS STANDARD MATTE CONTROLS REMOTE, WALL SWITCH